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On the 30th of December 1947 at a Panegyric Meeting, the Academy of Athens rewarded Philodassiki and mentioned that “with tremendous effort Philodassiki obtained funds and managed to reproduce from the nursery of Kessariani the first among 60.000 trees, currently 200.000, which were then re-planted on the surrounding area of Hymettus, which had been a wasteland during the Occupation”


On the 24th of March 1976 again, at another Panegyric Meeting, the Academy of Athens rewarded Philodassiki with a Silver Medal underlining its work in planting trees at the hill of Lycabettus, the creation of the Forest of Kaisariani as well as the restoration and upkeep of the Monastery of Kaisariani.


On the 29th April 1994, in Lisbon, the European Commission awarded Philodassiki, naming the surrounding compound of the Monastery, the olive grove, the aromatic & medicinal herb garden, the nurseries, the botanical garden, its squares and the scattered monuments as a “Historical Garden of Europe”.


On the 14th of April 1997 the Foundation of Henry Ford awarded the white porcelain eagle, an honorary conservation award and a monetary reward for the “program and functioning of an educational botanical park on the slopes of the Hymettus” but also for the creation of “the unique Aesthetic Forest that surrounds the Byzantine Monastery of Kaisariani”.

On the 16 May 2007 the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature awarded Philodassiki for its devoted efforts, highlighting the importance of the creation and management of the Mt. Hymettus Aesthetic Forest .

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